Here’s another one…..(ATLTSX)

Well if you guys haven’t seen Ben’s TSX… it’s amazing. So many baller parts on this car it’s unbelievable. J’ racing, Comptech, Endless, Recaros..etc. Ben is also a whore :P. Don’t worry I have the pics for you to peep at. This car is basically his DD but, he does have another car which is a Boosted EG. I’ll post pics of the EG later ;). But back to the subject, Ben is currently working on his stereo right now. He also purchased a high boost pulley and Kpro to fine tune that supercharger. Here’s a little more info on the stereo system:

  • JL 10w6 Sub
  • 500/1 JL Slash V2 Amp to push the sub.
  • Focal 6.5 component set for the front doors.
  • Focal 6.5 Mid’s for the rear doors
  • Focal 6×9 for rear deck.
  • 450/4 JL Slash V2 amp to push door speakers.

I hi-jacked these pics from his thread heheh….check them out:


Another update for you guys…S2KJAY(^_^)

Another update for you guys for another PG+K member. Its S2kjay on the forums if you don’t know him, he’s not that cool..jk. Well to the update, Jay purchased a turbo kit not too long ago and had a few problems with the emanage that came with it. So he just went ahead and purchased an AEM EMS. Took it to MainStream Performance in Powder Springs, Georgia. Dynoed it and made 295whp 228tq at 8psi with a slipping clutch. The final numbers is 268hp 221tq on 6psi. He’s shooting for 380-400 hp. Now he’s waiting for his new clutch to get more power out of it and Big Brake Kit for stopping power. But until then I leave you with some pictures……..

Widdy and Jay(azn guy)

Widdy’s S2K

The Mugen RR NSX!

Wow, is the only thing I can say about this race car! They got to bring this to the states. It’s a ridiculous car!!

With the NSX successor officially cancelled, Honda tapped long-time motorsports partner Mugen to create a one-off coupe to commemorate the everyday supercar that ended production in 2005. The Mugen NSX RR is stretched to 177.95 inches (almost four inches more than the ’94-05 model), and widened by 5.5 inches and features a combination of carbon fiber and aluminum body panels. A set of upgrade brakes and GT-style body kit, join a new rear wing, hood-scoop and diffusers, while the stock 3.0-liter V6 remains and is mated to a revised six-speed manual gearbox. Mugen hasn’t released any power figures, but informed speculation pegs output between 350 and 380 hp.

pics and words from:

Air Yeezy?

So check it out, the shoe industry has completely gone nuts since the first collabo of jay-z and reebok which sold near millions. Seems like every rapper is getting their hands into the kick industry. But unlike HOVA, Yeezy has actually tapped into Nike. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come.




To read more about the new kicks and cover story about mr.yeezy himself check it out at

Marc Ecko Presents Complex Magazine

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Update for Richie Rich!!

Hello World, Richie a.k.a “Nashville” has a little update for you guys. He took a few things to paint including his new wheels. The wheels are  f:16×7 r:16×8 5×114.3 Volk GTU’s(custom color ;p). Richie also took his front bumper to get repainted because he sold the J’s Racing lip. He also bought a JDM IT-R 4-1 header with the Benen Heatsheild(so Bling), J’s Racing VC, Stainless Steel brake lines, Fastline Performance Shifter, and Function/Form type1 coilovers. Then he picked up 5-lug too. You know we got to change it up every year. We’ll let you get a little sneak peek for now then I’ll post up the pictures after the paint gets on it. Everything will look good after everything goes back on his car. We think it’s gonna be pretty dope this year can’t wait! including everyone elses car in PGK. We’ll keep you posted on the updates on everyone elses cars too. But enough talking on with the pictures of Richies bitch…..

Retro Jordan “Raging Bull” Packs.

I was looking on and I stumbled upon these dope ass Jordan Packs, “The Raging Bull”. They look pretty dope . One of them is red and the other is reflective black! The retro V are so dope check them out for your self. They’re supposed to be released sometime in May. take a sneaker-peek….

Air Jordan Retro V 5 Reflective Black 3M

pics via vmvinc

After pics of the [Red Raging Bull Air Jordan Retro V] surfaced on the Net, it was only a matter of time before pics of it’s packaged counterpart surfaced as well. Packaged alongside the Red V will be a Black Reflective Air Jordan Retro V. The Black Reflective Air Jordan Retro V features a Black upper that reflects with the light, a Black/White/Red midsole, clear outsole, Red accents, and the embroidered 23 on the side.

Here’s another picture..

Air Jordan Retro V Red Raging Bull

pics via marqueesole

Fresh off of yesterday’s [Air Jordan Retro V Red Raging Bull pack post], new and more detailed pics have already hit the Net. With the closer look, the upper on the Red Raging Bull Air Jordan Retro V is a thicker and more durable brushed suede and not the thinner traditional nubuck material used on the Black/Metallic Silver Air Jordan Retro .