Big Moe.

About time we have some pictures of Moe’s EG! Well check it out people this is a dope EG all in its owns way. Let’s start with the paint…TSX blue cover the outside while VSM soaks the interior and engine bay. Silver and blue really does go together well. And for the interior…Big Moe sits in a Recaro SPG XL and Crow harness to strap him down, a Kirk Racing roll cage surround him just for insurance, Nardi deep corn steering wheel attached to a NRG quick release. The J’s Racing lip, Cwest wing, smoked corners, and hood bra is the only things for the exterior. He wants everything to be simple and clean. The JDM H22a swap is a beast that might give some k-swap vehicles a run for its money. This engine breathes through a custom short ram with a purple velocity stack to suck in more air and it exhales through a Kidd-racing race header and Apex’i WSII exhaust. To stop this beast he has integra F&R disc brakes and ChaseBays tucked brake lines. It’s all about the stance you say?..well this EG sits on Buddy Club N+ fully adjustable coilovers, F7 LCA’s and ASR Sub-frame brace, Beak’s Bar, and 22mm sway bar. Regamaster Evo’s set this car off beautifully with the light blue Rays Lug nuts. Like Moe would say about this car “it’s Gucci baby” …………….

MoeDrenin18 by aznhomeskillet.

MoeDrenin17 by aznhomeskillet.

MoeDrenin15 by aznhomeskillet.

MoeDrenin16 by aznhomeskillet.

MoeDrenin14 by aznhomeskillet.

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MoeDrenin06 by aznhomeskillet.

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MoeDrenin05 by aznhomeskillet.


PGK ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



That GreenThang…

We finally got pictures from Kneenan so I could update this blog. This fam’s Teal machine is so sick! One of the nicest EG coupe’s on the east coast fasho. It sits perfectly on the JDM 16′ Integra TypeR’s with the Project kics NeoChro Lugs to hold them junts on. The interior consist of Nardi wheel with quick release, JDM itR Recaro’s and a Gucci Mane CD (no racial)LOL. The heart of this beast is the K20a2 wired up with ChaseBays custom engine harness that sits under that glossy CF hood. Hasport mounts holds that mug down every time he gets into the car (foreal he smashes everywhere :P). All you have to do is listen to the very loud Buddyclub Spec II exhaust that he has. But the best part of this car is the driver…always. But on to the pictures….

Sup Nikka..

S2KJaysBdayBash200954 by aznhomeskillet.

And GREGG SEND ME SOME GOOD PICTURES and you will be featured baby! love u kbye