The LONGGG awaited update…

Sorry guys that I took so long, had other things to attend to *cough**cough*. Well this is builds from Bon, Jay, Ben..for now until I receive pics from the others….

Bon’s car has gotten repainted recently and is still doing a K-swap:

Jay has repainted his car also and got new fenders,exhaust,rear bumper, front calipers, side diffusers, and repainted the wheels:

Ben’s TSX is going through a engine build since his stock piston rings went out on him. Now he’s rebuilding the engine with new Manley rods and pistons. He is keeping the head stock as of now.And he is also upgrading to a GT30R turbo.

As for Kneenan 😦 we have bad news……….

But he has this Boosted ITR as a back-up..:)

Comments Welcome….